Program Overview

MCCA is a self-contained, international PhD program hosted by the Medical University of Vienna, the Veterinary University of Vienna with its associated Messerli Institute, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, the Karl Landsteiner University Krems with its University Clinics in St. Pölten and Krems, and the AIT Tulln, which is currently being conducted under the auspices of the Danube Allergy Research Program, Danube ARC. The DK-MCCA is dedicated to the fields of molecular, cellular and clinical allergology. MCCA provides PhD-fellowship support for highly qualified students who have elected to pursue their PhD degree in allergology. The program is composed of three tracks dedicated to molecular allergology, cellular allergology and clinical allergology. The 3-track core structure of MCCA is based on a strong historic and actual foundation (SFB, Special Research program funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF); three Christian Doppler (CD)-Laboratories, funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the recently established Danube Allergy Research Cluster (Danube ARC) funded by the Federal Government of Lower Austria) covered by the solid roof of the Research Cluster Allergy, Immunology & Infectiology (AII) of the Medical University of Vienna.


Figure shows the DK-MCCA Faculty Members of 2013, when the DK-MCCA received its first funding.